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Session Dates 2019

Session 1: June 24 – July 5
Session 2: July 8 – July 19
Session 3: July 22 – August 2
Session 4: August 5 – August 16

Junior Program Registration Open

It may or may not feel like summer is around the corner with the chilly temperature, but the AYC Junior Program has been busy planning for the upcoming summer season! Our goal is to make this the best summer yet! This update aims to share important information about the Junior Program for 2019 and get families psyched for the summer ahead!

Online Registration Available Now

Are you eager and ready to register? For the past two seasons we have been 100 percent digital and have decided to continue to do so in 2019, with the hope that it will be easier for returning families. Online registration will ensure that enrollment, payment, and communications are smooth and efficient. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Explore the site and register before April 29th for the early registration discount. To register, please click here.

Please note the Membership discount is built into the price by selecting "yes" to being a member during the registration process.


Our programs are only as good as those who are teaching them. For summer 2019, Jared Rodriguez will return as the Junior Program Director. He’s been working with Governors all winter to expand both the scope of the Junior Program and plan specific improvements to the program. Most importantly, he’s already recruited many counselors and coaches to return for 2019 including: Peter Thibedeau, Marisa Doherty, Andrea Hamel, Ava Trotman, Tara Doherty, Luke Quine, Caroline Begg, John Tracy, as well as some new staff members.


We will continue to re-energize the program from the top down with benefits spanning from our beginner players to our advanced players. Tennis will focus on sportsmanship, etiquette, and competition. It is our hope that the tennis program become as integral to the Club as sailing. It is a goal of ours for our campers to play in as many interclub matches as possible this year for all ages and abilities!


In addition to revamping the tennis program, we will continue to support and improve upon the Seamanship course. This class offers an excellent opportunity for our youngest members to develop a love and respect for the ocean and environment, as well as becoming comfortable in and around the ocean. This program teaches skills such as, rowing, paddle sports, teamwork, communication, and swimming. This summer, we also wish to introduce a safety at sea component which would teach basic rescue, how to identify weather patterns, and safe boating conditions. In addition to safe boating being taught during the Seamanship class, we will also be offering the US Powerboating Safe Powerboat Handling course again this year. This is for all campers ages 12 and up.


Safety will remain the Junior Program’s main focus, in order to provide the safest environment for all participants and members. Instructors will be trained and certified in the areas of First aid, CPR, First Responder, as well as Safe Powerboat Handling and Safety and Rescue, as well as US Sailing Level 1 certified, for our sailing instructors. We do believe that a safe environment equals a fun environment. Improved communications with parents is also an important element of safety which will be enhanced.


We’ll be enhancing both communications and parent involvement for 2019. We know communication is critical for the Junior Program to function smoothly and safely. The more you know, the better! This summer Jared will continue to work closely with the staff to produce daily announcements, as well as a weekly “This Week in the JP”email. This weekly email will provide information regarding past, current, and future happenings at the Junior Program including travel events, regattas, and tennis matches, parent volunteers needs, and other fun and useful info. Our presence on social media platforms will also receive a boost, with daily postings of images, and information. In addition to our social media presence the JP portion of the website will be updated and upgraded with current info, especially for our race teams.

Important Dates

Mark your calendars with these important dates:

  • Early JP Registration Discount: April 29
  • JP Opening Day: June 24
  • Squam Day: August 2
  • Prize Night: August 15

We look forward to seeing you at the Club!


Please email Jared Rodriguez with any questions

Jared Rodriguez, Junior Program Director
Kim Legelis, Junior Program Governor