The membership of the Annisquam Yacht Club is a diverse group of families, professionals, students and retirees — all of whom share a passion for Annisquam, yachting, tennis, and the ocean. It is our Club members who have created and perpetuate the heritage and traditions that are the essence of the Annisquam Yacht Club.

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Application for Membership

The Club seeks candidates who have an interest in sailing or boating, who are well acquainted with the greater Annisquam community, and who will participate in the activities of the Club. Prospective members must have the support of one Sponsor and two Seconders, all of whom must have been voting members of the Club in good standing for two years. The application process can take up to a year, and there is usually a waitlist.

Please note that a member may sponsor only one applicant at a time. However, a Sponsor may also second another candidate.

To initiate the membership application process, the Sponsor of the applicant (not the applicant) should contact the Membership Governor below to receive forms and instructions. Email is the preferred method of communication

Thank you!

Chapin Mechem, Membership Governor